About us

Anna de Klerk is the CEO and production manager of Bloomline Acoustics.

Anna has been head of production at Bloomline Acoustics for ten years, including parts procurement, tooling, assembly, and testing.

Jorn Mineur is project manager at Bloomline Acoustics.

Jorn was Leo de Klerk’s business partner at Bloomline Coryphée from 1998 to 2005.

Leo de Klerk (1958-2020) was the founder of Bloomline Acoustics and the inventor of the OmniWave.

In the 1970s, Leo worked as a pianist, composer and record producer. In 1981 he founded Bloomline Studio, specialized in natural music recording.

Leo studied Composition at the Rotterdam Conservatory with Theo Loevendie, Ruud Bos and Klaas De Vries and Piano with Rob van Kreeveld and Rob van der Linden. He graduated Cum Laude in the Art of Sound at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Volker Strauss and Stan Tempelaars.

Leo de Klerk created music for bands, theater performance, film, orchestra and chamber music. He was pianist with Latin Touch, Theatergroep Splinter, Salsa d’Amsterdam and Turquoise.

As a record producer at Bloomline Studio, and in association with Jorn Mineur at Bloomline Coryphée, Leo de Klerk contributed to hundreds of music releases, from renaissance to contemporary. His work is credited with International awards and topped many bestsellers’ charts.

Leo de Klerk has been granted several Patents on the physical and psychoacoustical optimization of sound transducers.